Klipfolio Dashboard

image KlipFolio, a provider of desktop notification widgets for almost a decade has evolved its early experience in desktop dashboard widgets to release Klipfolio Dashboard, a business intelligence solution that works on desktops, laptops, netbooks, smart phones, and tablets.



In most BI solutions, an integration expert is required to liberate your data. Klipfolio employs scripting services to build interfaces that can expose the most important data to be used as key performance indicators (KPIs). In most cases, this requires the development of RESTFUL web services or custom XML feeds that the BI rendering engine requires.

In Practice in the Field

There are significant competitive and operational advantages that can be achieved by capturing data in the field. Utilizing it instantly or visually, or both creates a far greater desire to see the information. This quick video demonstrates the iFormBuilder app that drives the dashboard shown above and its ability to perform near-real-time updates from the field.

Mobile information solutions coupled with key integrations demonstrate how thoroughly valuable a good mobile information strategy can be to your organization. If you’re already an iForm-lover, it’s time to explore the higher possibilities.