Vizyx provides a concise collection of products that are simple to understand and employ in your business for managers, employees, partners, and even customers.

Vizyx Dashboards

Whether your firm is large or small, managers and workers need concise information delivered in a timely fashion and in a format that is helpful. Visyx pulls information from across disparate systems to provide dashboard experiences that are accessible on desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. And Visyx dashboards are always fresh with the latest information.

Visyx can liberate important business data from Microsoft Excel and Google Docs spreadsheets as well as popular accounting systems, databases, and even your custom business applications. Vizyx employs very reliable web services to securely harvest and manage key performance data and transform it in ways that is far more useful for dashboard applications.

We’ve used our extensive XML platform to build dashboards for customer service, social media intelligence, social network performance monitoring, newsroom intelligence, RSS feed quality monitoring solutions, and even marketing dashboards with ads and key data customers want to watch. The possibilities are endless, and Visyx also works with large television displays providing a great solution for conference rooms and other large display areas.


Note: GeckoDocs is no longer available. Geckoboard has introduced a number of ways to integrate dashboards with Google Docs. If you believe you need scripting services to meet your business requirements, please contact me directly.

Bill French

Google Docs has emerged as an ideal cloud service that small businesses and organizations adore. It provides a good alternative to pricey Office suite applications from Microsoft. Geckoboard also falls into favor by small firms seeking to create dashboards for a variety of use cases that may contain data from Google Docs spreadsheets.

The alchemy of Google Docs and Geckoboard puts real-time business intelligence and key performance dashboards into reach at affordable prices. But small businesses face challenges leveraging Google Docs and Geckoboard for two key reasons.

  1. Making essential business data available as a maintenance-free web service is not that easy.
  2. Creating and hosting Gecko-compliant XML feeds requires effort and a web services infrastructure.

Introducing GeckoDocs, a simple scripting library and approach that helps you dashboard-enable your spreadsheet data. You can purchase the examples and source code that we use as the basis for all our consulting projects for just ten bucks.

The GeckoDocs Google Apps script project includes functions that generate Geckoboard-compliant XML feeds for many of the standard Geckoboard widgets. The GeckoDocs framework is also extensible – all source code is provided and you are free to expand the functionality.


GeckoParts is a library of unique and useful dashboard widgets for Geckoboard. GeckoParts provide a head start to your Geckoboard development project by giving you the graphical resources and XML patterns necessary to build your own custom dashboard widgets. Each GeckoPart includes the XML, HTML, and CSS necessary to display a custom Geckoboard widget.

Sample widgets can be deployed to a web server straight out of the package to see what they look like. Your only task then is to script your integration services to acquire the data and match the XML output pattern for each GeckoPart.