Vizyx Dashboards

Vizyx provides a comprehensive dashboard development service complete with custom setup, real-time updates, and customer support.

  • Typical implementation, $299 to $999 depending on complexity, number of data points, and integration requirements.
  • Monthly Service, $20 to $100 depending on access requirements such as security, number of people viewing, and other use case attributes.


Note: GeckoDocs is no longer available. Geckoboard has introduced a number of ways to integrate dashboards with Google Docs. If you believe you need scripting services to meet your business requirements, please contact me directly.

Bill French

GeckoDocs for Small Businesses is available as a scripting library for do-it-yourself integrations. This includes…

  • Starter Scripting Library, $10 (regardless of number of dashboards and complexity)
  • Implementation Guide
  • Example Dashboard
  • Example Google Docs spreadsheet


GeckoParts range in price from $4.99 all the way up to very complex widgets at $49.99. They each come with HTML, CSS, images, and XML patterns ready to be integrated into your own Geckoboard project. Each part is also distributed with a test harness based on a Google Docs integration.

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